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27c3 talks I want to listen to:

This list is mainly for my own convenience. (Info about streaming here.)

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The first day of the 4 day theatre workshop I signed up for was fucking awesome.

I mean, yes, it was basically 12h of freezing our artsy arses off in an old factory building (main power is broken, it's around 4°C outside and the heating was off until late afternoon. *brrrr*) but it was still great. After spending the day with warm-up, impro and basically just getting to know each other we got to read through two of the four plays the people in the playwrights' workshop wrote and they are really well written and demanding. *is the tiniest bit afraid*

The acting tutors and the people in the directors' workshop are going to decide tomorrow morning who is going to play whom. So fingers crossed that whatever I get is going to be fun but feasible. ;)

On the one hand I really, really hope I won't be cast in the role of the [spoiler] whose [spoiler] probably [spoiler] - because her monologues are looooong and we only have 3 days for everything from learning lines, rehearsing, costume fitting to finally performance oon Monday night. But, OMG, would I love that role! I'm just a sucker for these angsty parts. :D
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First published on eurOut.

Ever since I started writing for eurOut I wanted to do a list of Austrian lesBians. I've put it off for a long time because whenever I started to think about which openly lesBian Austrian women I would put on said list I didn't get very far. I don't know if there really are so few out lesBians in my home country or if I'm just that out of the loop. (Even though it'd be embarrassing I kind of hope it's the latter. Don't hesitate to shout at me in the comments how I dare to forget to list the legendary [insert name here]!)

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I don't usually do this here in my RL journal, but this fanfic was just too amazing not to share.

* Postremus Regum Britanniae or The End of the World and What Came Next

{by [livejournal.com profile] definewisdom // Prologue + 11 Chapters = ca. 60.000 words}

It starts in present day London a couple of days before the world is ending and tells the story of how all the main Arthurian characters (based on their portrayal in the BBC show Merlin) find together again - with or without memories of their past lives - to save the world.

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First published at eurOut.

IGLHRC, the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, is the 10th* LGBT organisation to gain consultative status to the UN.

photo by Kjetil Ree

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First published at eurOut.

Emma Donoghue tackles the topic of desire between women in literature in her new book Inseperable: Desire Between Women in Literature.

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Let me apologise in advance for spamming your reading list. I've been lazy and haven't posted my eurOut articles over here in almost two months. :/ Don't worry, I'm not going to re-post every single thing I've written since then. Aaaanyway, here's the first of three.

First published at eurOut.

This week Lists Are Hot presents a list of European LGBT film festivals sorted alphabetically by country.

image by Ryan Baxter

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First published at eurOut.

1858. The Tanzimat Era of the Ottoman Emprire. Almost 100 years before England and Germany did, the country that we now know as Turkey decriminalises homosexuality.

Detail of ILGA Europe's Rainbow Europe Country Map

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First published at eurOut.

On May 22 the Bucharest "Diversity March" took place as part of the 7th annual Romanian GayFest. There haven't been any violent incidences and the parade has been officially supported by the Romanian Green Party. That does sound like good news, but let's take a look at lgbt rights in Romania in more detail.

detail from ILGA's Rainbow Europe Country Map

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First published at eurOut.

Pride time is in full swing all around Europe. With the Opening Party tomorrow, Saturday June 5, Vienna is joining in. There's a lot happening prior to the actual Pride Parade, the 15th Regenbogenparade. Like every year various tramlines around Vienna will fly rainbow flags, there will be talks, concerts, parties and many other ways to get together with with your fellow lgbt people. Here I'll give an overview of upcoming events. You can find all events at the official Vienna Pride website.

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First published at eurOut.

Last Saturday, May 22, the first ever Slovak Pride Parade Dúhový PRIDE took place in Bratislava. Alas, not without disruptions.

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First published at eurOut.

Would you think someone who has a record of consistently voting against lgbt rights (10 against, 8 absent, 1 pro) has a good chance of becoming Minister for Equality? No? Well, think again!

The only case in which Theresa May (Conservative) voted pro-gay was her voting in favour of the Civil Partnership Bill in 2004. Other than that she has, for example, voted against lowering the age of consent for homosexuals and against the right for same-sex couples to adopt. Yet, Theresa May is the new Minister for Women and Equality in the UK.

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First published at eurOut.

Wouldn't it be great if kids in kindergarten would hear stories about tough princesses who rescue princes from great danger, or about princes who fall in love with other princes or about growing up with two mums instead of a mum and a dad? Even though lgbt children's books have been around for a while, expecting to find them in a kindergarten's reader's corner still seems a bit too optimistic.

Not so in Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion says that children should be taught that having gay and lesbian parents is normal, reports Vårt Land.

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Look at how productive I am! It only took me three whole months to post another little story. :D

night rises [200 words]
summary: night doesn't fall; night rises. it starts on the ground, in the corners. it creeps out from under stones, oozes out of cracks in the wall, slides along tree trunks until it reaches the remotest branches.

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First published at eurOut.

While the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is stepping up and is showing its support for LGBT people, Germany is doing quite the opposite.

The Assembly is adopting a Resolution on Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Meanwhile, Germany continues to block the European Commission's new Anti-Discrimination Directive.

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First published at eurOut.

Last week Gwen already wrote about the difficulties that arise for gays and lesbians, who seek asylum in the UK because of their sexual orientation. But the UK isn't the only European country guilty of forcing people to return to places where they aren't safe at all.

According to Amnesty International's recent report Iraq: Civilians Under Fire Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden also breached UNHCR guidelines and forcibly returned many Iraqis to unsafe parts of the country.

This report also talks specifically about attacks on gay men and violence against women and girls, which further underlines the importance of protecting lgbt asylum seekers.

Iraq: Civilians Under Fire

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First published on eurOut.

Searching 4 Sandeep is a really sweet documentary about finding love online. But even more than that it is the story of two women who made their relationship work regardless of their different backgrounds.

searching 4 sandeep Tania Lambert)

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First published at eurOut

A beautiful woman is smoking, her face covered in glittering body paint and illuminated by undulating lights. Who is she?

The first name that you think of will most probably not be Romy Schneider. Excusable, but still wrong as you can see in the embedded clip from the movie L'Enfer.

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First published at eurOut.

Homosexual acts are illegal in 36 African countries, yet recent developments in Africa show a further homophobic backlash. Visible in developments such as the proposed introduction of the death penalty for homosexuals and the ban on "promoting homosexuality" in Uganda, the arrest of guests at a gay wedding in Kenya and "corrective" rape in South Africa. In Malawi the first gay couple to seek same-sex marriage is held in a maximum security prison.

source: wikipedia

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