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First published on eurOut.

Searching 4 Sandeep is a really sweet documentary about finding love online. But even more than that it is the story of two women who made their relationship work regardless of their different backgrounds.

searching 4 sandeep Tania Lambert)

One day Poppy Stockwell decided that it had been too long since she last had a girlfriend. Slightly intimidated by the new kind of hip lesbian with stylish haircuts and fashionable clothes in Sydney's bars she thought she'd give online dating a chance.

Poppy (© searching 4 sandeep / Tania Lambert)

Poppy started to record her experiences and wanted to make them into a documentary about online dating in general. The story became more personal, however, when she starts chatting and falling in love with Sandeep, who is living on the other side of the planet, in England. But this should not be the only thing separating the two women. Sandeep is the oldest of four sisters and at 31 is still living at home with her conservative Sikh parents. She isn't out to any of them.

Sandeep (© searching 4 sandeep / Tania Lambert)

I've always tried to record my story in a warts and all way. In this I was particularly inspired by Robert Gibson's 1995 documentary Video Fool for Love. Gibson is so brave in that film - he's not afraid to show himself in a bad light or to reveal his vulnerability - and even though it's pretty lo-fi filmmaking, that's what makes it so engaging.
Poppy about her attitude towards film making

Sandeep and Poppyv (© searching 4 sandeep / Tania Lambert)

Searching 4 Sandeep follows the ups and downs of their relationship over two years. From their first meeting in real life, to the heartache of a long distance relationship to Poppy moving to England and Sandeep finally coming out to her parents.

You can watch Searching 4 Sandeep streamed online here or buy the DVD here.


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