Dec. 26th, 2010 04:31 pm
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27c3 talks I want to listen to:

This list is mainly for my own convenience. (Info about streaming here.)

day 1 : 2010-12-27

Contemporary Profiling of Web Users
On Using Anonymizers and Still Get Fucked
(Dominik Herrmann, lexi) [2010-12-27 / Saal 2 / 14:00]

day 2 : 2010-12-28

Netzmedienrecht, Lobbyismus und Korruption
Wie wirkt die Lobby von Medienkonzernen?
(Thomas Barth) [2010-12-28 / Saal 3 / 11:30]

Logikschaltungen ohne Elektronik
logische Schaltungen mit Pneumatik
(Äpex, Xif) [2010-12-28 / Saal 2 / 14:30]

A short political history of acoustics
For whom, and to do what, the science of sound was developed in the 17th century
(Oona Leganovic) [2010-12-28 / Saal 3 / 16:00]

The importance of resisting Excessive Government Surveillance
Join me in exposing and challenging the constant violations of our right to privacy
(Nicholas Merrill) [2010-12-28 / Saal 1 / 23:00]

day 3 : 2010-12-29

CCC-Jahresrückblick 2010
(Andreas Bogk, Andy Müller-Maguhn, Constanze Kurz, Frank Rieger) [2010-12-29 / Saal 1 / 11:30]

Your Infrastructure Will Kill You
(Eleanor Saitta) [2010-12-29 / Saal 3 / 18:30]

Fnord-Jahresrückblick 2010
von Atomausstieg bis Zwangsintegration
(Felix von Leitner, Frank Rieger) [2010-12-29 / Saal 1 / 21:45]

day 4 : 2010-12-30

What you didn't know about Acrobat
(Julia Wolf) [2010-12-30 / Saal 1 / 11:30]

Ich sehe nicht, dass wir nicht zustimmen werden
Die Sprache des politischen Verrats und seiner Rechtfertigung
(maha/Martin Haase) [2010-12-30 / Saal 1 / 12:45]

Three jobs that journalists will do in 2050
Why future media may be more powerful
(and more subversive) than ever before (Annalee Newitz) [2010-12-30 / Saal 1 / 14:00]

How the Internet sees you
demonstrating what activities most ISPs see you doing on the Internet
(Jeroen Massar) [2010-12-30 / Saal 1 / 16:00]

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