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First published at eurOut.

Sylvia Knelles' novel CLARA * Blues in rosé, first published 1991, is probably going to be a TV movie.

CLARA * Blues in rosé is the story of the young geriatric nurse Dani, who is in desparate need of a job and takes on the care of an old woman, Clara Bernstorff. Clara lives in a messy house and is usually apathetic, only now and then she whispers the name "Sophie". While tidying the house Dani finds traces of Clara's past. Intrigued she begins to search for Sophie, who is eventually found in a nursing home.

The author Sylvia Knelles lives in Germany. She writes non-fiction books about life in the lower classes and how to avoid the dept trap and is also the author of a couple of lesbian novels, all published by her publishing house Mysterious Women

Sylvia Knelles. Photos ©

The CLARA * Blues in rosé movie project itself is in it's earliest stages. Sylvia Knelles rewrote her novel into a screenplay and is now searching for collaborators. According to the project webpage there are castings planned in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg, dates are yet to be announced. The project is also on the outlook for a band and/or female musicians.

When I first read on Konnys Lesbenseiten last week that a lesbian novel is going to be made into a TV movie I prepared myself to be exicited and started to look for more information. I do feel bad that I can't fall over in gleefull expectation, but there it is. Just because a project is a "lesbian project", doesn't mean I automatically have to love it.

If the quality of writing in the excerpt pages on Amazon is any indication there's certainly no great art to be expected. The prose is uninventive and stale, the dialogues clumsy. There are three different settings on the first page alone, which doesn't help the reader to settle into the life of the first person narrator at all.

But lets give Sylvia Knelles the benifit of doubt. I haven't read the screenplay and after all the novel is almost 20 years old; she might have worked on her writing since then. Lesbian movie projects are rare enough, so to have someone show the energy to start one herself is admirable. I wish Sylvia good luck and many inspired collaborators.


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