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The first day of the 4 day theatre workshop I signed up for was fucking awesome.

I mean, yes, it was basically 12h of freezing our artsy arses off in an old factory building (main power is broken, it's around 4°C outside and the heating was off until late afternoon. *brrrr*) but it was still great. After spending the day with warm-up, impro and basically just getting to know each other we got to read through two of the four plays the people in the playwrights' workshop wrote and they are really well written and demanding. *is the tiniest bit afraid*

The acting tutors and the people in the directors' workshop are going to decide tomorrow morning who is going to play whom. So fingers crossed that whatever I get is going to be fun but feasible. ;)

On the one hand I really, really hope I won't be cast in the role of the [spoiler] whose [spoiler] probably [spoiler] - because her monologues are looooong and we only have 3 days for everything from learning lines, rehearsing, costume fitting to finally performance oon Monday night. But, OMG, would I love that role! I'm just a sucker for these angsty parts. :D

Date: 2010-10-22 10:42 pm (UTC)
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Uh! sounds awesome, darling! :D


*crosses my fingers that you get awesome role*


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