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Let me apologise in advance for spamming your reading list. I've been lazy and haven't posted my eurOut articles over here in almost two months. :/ Don't worry, I'm not going to re-post every single thing I've written since then. Aaaanyway, here's the first of three.

First published at eurOut.

This week Lists Are Hot presents a list of European LGBT film festivals sorted alphabetically by country.

image by Ryan Baxter

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First published on eurOut.

Searching 4 Sandeep is a really sweet documentary about finding love online. But even more than that it is the story of two women who made their relationship work regardless of their different backgrounds.

searching 4 sandeep Tania Lambert)

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First published at eurOut

A beautiful woman is smoking, her face covered in glittering body paint and illuminated by undulating lights. Who is she?

The first name that you think of will most probably not be Romy Schneider. Excusable, but still wrong as you can see in the embedded clip from the movie L'Enfer.

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First published at eurOut.

Sylvia Knelles' novel CLARA * Blues in rosé, first published 1991, is probably going to be a TV movie.

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First published at eurOut.

Last Friday the Teddy Awards for the best queer movies have been awarded the 24th time in Berlin. This year the second time as an official Berlinale award.

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First published at eurOut.

If you're in the mood for a story about coming out later in life and you're not scared off by infidelity, messy divorces and other complications this one is for you.

playing footsie

Soukromé pasti (Personal Traps) is a czech series of television films; in each one of the films different characters find themselves at a difficult point in their lifes. Jiná láska (Other Love) is the story of 33 year old teacher Eva (played by Zuzana Stivínová), who falls head over heels in love with her colleague Daniela (Zuzana Norisová).

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Also published at eurOut.

The identities - Vienna's International Queer Film Festival will take place from June 4th - 12th 2009. With more that 60 films screened at three different locations it's not easy to figure out what to watch. Especially since the official program website can not be filtered for lesBian content and that's what I'm sure you're all most curious about! ;)

Ploughing through all those exciting films and compiling them into a readable post turned out to be a lot more work then I expected it to be and so I'm afraid my writeup is a bit late. The festival starts Thursday and ticket presale has already begun some time ago, find out more here.


  1. Life, Love and Drama (features)

  2. Music (documentaries and features)

  3. Documentaries

  4. Trans- and Intersexuality (documentaries and features)

  5. Classics (documentaries and features)

  6. Shorts

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