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I'm testing playing around with Tracks on Rails (a GTD app) at the moment. So far I like it a lot.
After setting it up I thought, that it would be convenient if it started up automatically when I turn on my Mac.
There's a "better startup item for Mac OS X Tiger" linked on the official page, but it didn't work for me.
With the help of my brother I changed it so it does now work.

old not-solution... )

EDIT 2009-03-27: It still doesn't work though (as I had to find out). *goes-back-to-fiddling-with-this*

EDIT 2009-03-28: Here's what finally worked for me:
Write a shell-script along these lines (where NAME is your username, and line 2 matches your path!). Save it as

Open a terminal and do the following:

The important thing is, that your shellscript has the same name as the app and is executable!

Now you've got a neat little thing called "tracks" in your Applications folder, which you can doubleclick to start the server or put into you "Login Items".


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