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First published on eurOut.

Ever since I started writing for eurOut I wanted to do a list of Austrian lesBians. I've put it off for a long time because whenever I started to think about which openly lesBian Austrian women I would put on said list I didn't get very far. I don't know if there really are so few out lesBians in my home country or if I'm just that out of the loop. (Even though it'd be embarrassing I kind of hope it's the latter. Don't hesitate to shout at me in the comments how I dare to forget to list the legendary [insert name here]!)

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First published at eurOut.

Lesbetoppen 2010 (Top Lesbians 2010) lists the ten most influential Norwegian lesbians. Each year, a news site and online community for LGBT people in Norway, puts together this list of those out women in their country, who were most prominent in the fight against homophobia (see last year's eurOut report). The majority of the women on this list made an appearance on it in previous years ( 2007, 2008, 2009), but four of them are quite new.

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